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Wicked Ball - Interactive Toy

Wicked Ball - Interactive Toy

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Is your dog left alone at any time of the day? If yes Wicked Ball is a must have for you as your dog won't feel alone with Wicked Ball around.

The ball is designed to eliminate your dog's feeling of loneliness or boredom while you're not home. Giving them the interaction, fun and exercise they crave.

It works by surprising and delighting your dog with it's interactive movements. Think of it as you are playing ball with your four legged friend but automatically.

Wicked Ball is pet safe and has a durable lasting design. It's even waterproof, making it great to play with if your dog likes running around in the water. But also making the ball very easy to clean.

Whilst Wicked Ball is not suitable for heavy chewers, there are replacement outer shells available to buy separately so there is not a need to replace the whole ball if your pup does manage to chew the outer shell.

There are 3 settings, Gentle, Normal & Active (to suit what is best for your dog).

The ball activates automatically after 15sec of being turned on or by tapping or shaking the toy.

Wicked Ball will play with your dog for 10 minutes, then it will rest for 30 minutes. However, during the rest, it can be re-activated by your pet's touch and play with your dog for another 10 minutes. Play time may last 1.5 - 8 hours depending on your pet's interaction time and reaction mode you selected.


Diameter: 6.98cm

Weight: 290G

Package Includes:

1 x Wicked Ball

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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