About Us

Hey there, pawsome pals! Big high-fives for choosing to hang out at Pup Planet – your go-to canine wonderland! I'm like, totally head over paws for all animals, but my numero uno sidekick is Nellie, the turbo-charged Patterdale Terrier who keeps my life a hilarious whirlwind.

Picture this: our HQ is right in the heart of Medway, Kent, and we're running the whole doggy circus straight from our cozy digs. Why? Because we're on a mission to make Pup Planet the absolute hotspot for all things doggo!

Imagine a place where you and your furball can score the coolest supplies and have a blast doing it. Right now, it's just us doing the doggy cha-cha, but dream big with us! Pup Planet's future? A wild ride featuring Dog-Friendly Cafe, Doggie Day Care parties, pampering Groomers, VIP Vets, Training Sessions that are basically doggy boot camp, and even secret squirrel Self-Use Private Exercise Areas.

So, buckle up, bark it out, and get ready for a tail-wagging good time at Pup Planet – where every wag is a victory dance! 🐾✨
Pup Planet... Delivering Dog Happiness