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Bulmer Minced Turkey & Tripe - 454G

Bulmer Minced Turkey & Tripe - 454G

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Minced Turkey & Tripe (20-25% Bone)

Complementary frozen raw food

Protein 15%
Oil & Fat 10.34%
Ash 2.8%
Moisture 62.9
Fibre 0.05%

To learn more about Leicestershire based Bulmer Pet Foods, and their products, take a look at their website:

We do not maintain their website and can’t take responsibility of the information. If there is an issue with the link, please let us know.

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How much raw food should I feed my dog per day?

2-5% of your doggo’s weight for a dog at ideal weight. Activity levels determine the amount of raw food to feed your doggo, check below:

  • Sedentary (2%): Very little activity. Mostly indoors. A dog should typically only have this low of an activity level if it's elderly, injured or unwell.
  • Average (3%): 30-60 minutes of normal walking per day. Moderate play.
  • High (4%): A 60-minute walk per day, with energetic play.
  • Working (5%): Farm dogs, cattle and sheep herding dogs. Obstacle course show dogs. Police dogs, etc.

If your dog is overweight, please reduce daily allowance by 1% of doggo’s weight.

If your doggo is underweight, please increase daily allowance by 1% of their weight.

How many times per day?

We recommend feeding your dog their required daily amount, divided over 2 meals per day as this is better for their digestion (and helps to avoid bloat in larger breeds). Feeding twice can also prevent begging between meals. If feeding twice isn't possible due to schedules, once per day is also fine in most cases.

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